Top questions to ask your auto body shop

  1. What kind of warranty comes with their auto body repair work? If they offer a warranty, ask how long it lasts and what it will cover. To find our warranty information visit
  2. Does the auto body repair shop have rental cars on their lot or do they provide loaner vehicles? Being without a car is an inconvenience, so you’ll need to make sure that you have a rental, loaner or courtesy car while yours is in the shop. Prestige Auto Body has plenty of car rental facilities located near our shop and will help get you set up.
  3. How long will the auto body repair take? There are many factors that will affect how long an auto body repair will take, based on the extent of the damage to your car. The time of year can make a difference – winter time snow and ice can be a busy time. No one wants you to be without your car a day longer than necessary, but remember it’s more important to get it right than back fast!
  4. Will the paint match the rest of my car? In most cases, cars have a paint code on a plate located either in a door jamb, under the hood, or in the trunk. This paint code will give the exact color of the manufacturer’s paint.
  5. Does the auto body repair shop have any certifications? Certifications, such as I-CAR and ASE, are a good sign of a reputable auto body repair shop. A certification usually means that the auto body repair shop has the skills and knowledge required to perform complete, safe and quality repairs. Check out our credentials on our website at

Looking for a reputable auto body repair shop following an accident? Be sure to contact us today to find out more about what we have to offer and set up your appointment for an estimate.