Road Tripping This Summer? Do These Five Things First.

Check The Oil in Your Car – Check your oil levels and the date you’re due for an oil change, if you’re close to the manufacturer's-recommended oil-change interval listed in your manual, it is better to change it before hitting the road.

Check Air Pressure– Most people believe the appropriate tire pressure is listed on the tire itself, when actually the number on the tire is the maximum amount of pressure the tire can hold and if combined with extreme heat and speeds could lead to a blowout. Be safe. Look on your driver’s side door, in the glove compartment or the fuel filler door for recommended tire pressures.  Also, look at the tread on all four tires to make sure it’s not too worn or unevenly worn.

Map Out Your Trip - Set up your GPS if you have one, and consider buying one if you don’t. Getting lost while on vacation is frustrating and can waste precious holiday time. Enter all of the spots you plan on visiting in advance so they are programmed and ready to go.

Kid Prep- If you are planning to drive with your kids, make sure you pack enough snacks, waters, games, videos and music to keep them comfortable and occupied during your journey.

Pack for an Emergency – You should always have an emergency kit in your car. If it important to be equipped with an emergency kit when going on a long road trip. The Red Cross recommends you include a flashlight, waterproof matches, a whistle, Band-Aids, tweezers, iodine, duct tape, candles and a knife.