Valentine’s Day for Your Car (how you can show love and appreciation for your vehicle)

We <3 Cars Show your car love and affection!

Maintenance – It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for your car to make sure it’s running at the optimal level. Not only will regular maintenance improve fuel economy, it reduces the emissions from your car to the lowest possible level.

Tires- New tires and checking the tire pressure monthly will help with the bumps along the road. Girls love new shoes, and, so do cars. Driving on a flat, or almost flat tire will affect the ride, handling, traction and safety, so mark a day on your calendar each month to have this done.

Cleaning - A little TLC goes a long way to improve the overfall look of your car. A good wax job will leave your car sparkling and able to withstand the test of time, or weather conditions. Making sure your car is washed and waxed will help protext it from sun damage and other weather conditions it may be exposed to.

Clean the Interior - Spend 10 minutes cleaning and organizing the interior of your car. Not only will your car be nicer to drive, but the reduced weight your car has to haul around will mean you improve your miles per gallon!